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Skin Prep for your Big Day! [Part One]

Photo credit: Hans Vivek - Instagram: @oneshotespresso

Photo credit: Hans Vivek - Instagram: @oneshotespresso

Over the course of the past decade, I have had the opportunity to get to know Dána Torres from Robertson Cosmetic Center.  When we first met, she specialized in body waxing and esthetics in her own practice.  Recently, she became a Clinical Esthetician and began working with the wonderful staff at Robertson's!  



One of the many things to cross off on your wedding to-do list is to figure out your wedding day look. This might include hairstyle, makeup, accessories, mani and pedi, and maybe even a wax or sugar scrub to feel prepared for your big day. While all of these things are great to do for a polished wedding look, there’s one very important item you don’t want to forget to include on your list that will make you glow from the inside out: a facial or skincare service. 

Realistically, a bride should consider beginning skincare treatments 6 months to a year before her wedding. I’ve often thought, at a minimum, facials and clinical skincare products should be included in your budget when planning for your special day due to the nature of skin rejuvenation and the time it may take to improve overall skin quality. When reserving your venue/church a year or more prior to your wedding; scheduling a comprehensive consultation and treatment regimen should be coordinated simultaneously.  

Do you suggest just one treatment or for better results with a few sessions?

One treatment is better than none at all but does little to address any real skin concerns. In as much time as it took to acquire unwanted idiosyncrasies within the skin, it will take a conscious effort by you and your skincare professional to address your specific and individual skincare concerns. I like to use the analogy of preparing for a marathon. You drink lots of water, eat wholesome food, get plenty of rest, train and condition your muscles and cardiovascular health to withstand the demands placed on your body to perform at peak level. The commitment to improving and preparing your skin to be at its best draws similar parallels. Your clinical skin care products prepare your skin to receive the ideal treatment outcomes.  

What can a patient expect during a consultation at Robertson's Cosmetic Center?

Any patient of Robertson's Cosmetic Center, new or seasoned, can count on a detailed skincare consultation with an open discussion detailing the steps of any procedure and options within the treatment prior to any treatment. Procedure indications, contraindications and realistic endpoints with expected downtime will be discussed and agreed upon. Written and verbal recommendations for clinical home care products along with alternating treatment modalities (i.e.  Dermaplaning, Chemical Peels, Hydrafacial, Botox, Filler and/or Laser Rejuvenation) are typically given to see an ideal skincare outline. It’s a big picture approach that can be scaled down and tailored-to-fit a client's lifestyle and personality. 

What is the expected downtime after procedures & treatments?

Photo credit: Noah Buscher - Instagram: @noah.buscher

Photo credit: Noah Buscher - Instagram: @noah.buscher

Depending on the agreements made between patient and their skincare professional during the initial consultation, downtime (flaking skin, redness, extraction sites or erythema) ranges from as little at 24-48 hours to 4-5 days contingent on depth of applied treatments, skin integrity and general health of a client. Any imbalances (hydration, surface buildup) within the skin will need to be improved and your overall skin quality enhanced before any in-depth corrective treatments can be safely administered. 


WOW!  Dána shared so much good information!  What other questions do you have?  Do you currently work with a skin care professional?  If so, what differences have you seen?  Looking forward to seeing questions from y'all in the comments!