The 5 Most Common Skin Mistakes Made by Brides

My other go-to babe for all things skin care is Kylene from Buttercup Beauty in Waunakee.  She compiled a list of the top 5 mistakes that brides make when prepping their skin for their wedding.  Read on to see what she has to say!


5.  Tanning

Other than the obvious fact that it causes cancer, malignant melanoma can be deadly by the way, it can leave you with dark spots on your face that are extremely difficult to get rid of.  Some think it’s helpful to clear acne [which it can temporarily, but later you'll have a thick layer of dead skin, which will cause even more acne than you started with]. Unprotected sun exposure causes premature aging, wrinkles, redness [broken capillaries], and blackheads.  If your wedding dress is strapless, you don't want tan lines, so invest in a good sunscreen.  Supergoop is our go-to brand!


4.  Poor Self-Care

Picture this: You're busy planning a wedding, trying to please your future in-laws, and having your last hurrahs with girlfriends...  Sometimes these stressful days can lead to can all lead to late nights and caffeinated mornings. Be sure to take time to eat nutritious, skin-loving foods like salmon, fresh leafy greens, and vitamin packed fresh fruits.  Make sleep a priority, practice mediation or yoga, and stay adequately hydrated - it can go a long way in helping skin look it’s best on your big day. 


3.  Failing to See a Dermatologist to Treat Acne and Other Skin Disorder

In most cases, acne is hormonal and no how many times you wash your face or how much money you spend on creams, breakouts will simply not stop.  Sometimes the solution is switching, or stopping, your birth control [well in advance] or taking an oral medication called Spironlactone that blocks androgens from stimulating your sebaceous glands in your skin.


2.  Doing Too Much Too Late

Exposing your skin to all kinds of new things [new makeup, new creams, intense skin treatments] can throw your skin into a tizzy.  Stress can present itself on your skin.  I had to inject epinephrine in my stressed out, covered-in-hives girlfriend.  I always refer to the character Woogie in the movie There's Something About Mary, who became so stressed he developed pimples on his eyelids.  The stress and excitement about your upcoming wedding, combined with lack of sleep, increase in alcohol, add in a few seasonal allergies... Your poor skin won’t be able to take it and will probably retaliate with puffy eyelids and crazy rashes!  If you’re getting a late start in skin prep, take it easy and don’t over do it!!! [Word to the wise, now is not the time to try a head-to-toe body wax]


1. Expecting Makeup Artists to Perform Miracles

As a former bridal makeup artist myself, I’ve seen it all too many times.  A bride arrives for makeup and has given absolute zero thought is put in to taking care of her skin.  She shows up dehydrated, skin with visible flakiness, eyebrows and upper lip unattended, with makeup on her eyes from the night before.  Before heading out to your appointment, cleanse your face but don't moisturize, your makeup artist will moisturize as part of skin prep.


Let us know your thoughts on these mistakes in the comments - we'd love to hear what you have to say!